Certified Refurbished - Grobo One
Certified Refurbished - Grobo One
Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box Dimensions
Certified Refurbished - Grobo One

Certified Refurbished - Grobo One

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3 Units Available. Save $400 off your grow-ready Grobo One by ordering one of our floor model units.

These units have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the unit meets Grobo's high standards. All components required for plant growth are guaranteed to be working.


  Floor Model Inspection Profile
Full spectrum user LED
Functioning nutrient pumps
Functioning drain pump
Functioning fill pump
Visual inspection
Functioning door lock
Functioning water level sensors
Functioning Fluid Glass
Functioning intake fan 1
Functioning intake fan 2
Functioning crossflow fan
Functioning user button

Visual inspection:
 To pass visual inspection the unit must be aesthetically perfect with minimal scratches, dents and imperfections.

Fluid Glass: To pass the fluid glass check, the door glass must become completely transparent when activated. 


Floor model units have a one year warranty on moving parts (Pumps and fans). The fluid glass is excluded from the warranty. Extended warranties cannot be purchased or applied for use on refurbished products.