Supercloset Super Locker vs. Grobo Hydroponic Grow Box

Which system is right for you?

Super Closet Super Locker and Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box

Why should I grow at home?

As technology advances more impressive and innovative products are emerging into the retail market. A perfect example of this cutting edge technology is Supercloset’s Super Locker and the Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box. These indoor growing systems allow users to easily grow a wide variety of plants from the comfort of their own home. Now virtually anybody is able consume produce that they’ve grown with their own hands. Even if you live in a high rise apartment in the heart of downtown growing and consuming your own produce or medical cannabis is easily achievable. 

The possibilities of these indoor growing systems are clearly very exciting. But like any industry, deciding which brand’s product to chose can be difficult. This article will review two of the most common indoor growing systems on the market, Supercloset’s Super Locker and Grobo’s Hydroponic Grow Box. We’ll review the price of each growbox, their technical factors and give you a definitive winner.

Supercloset Price vs Grobo Price.

Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box Nutrients

The Supercloset Super Locker retails at $2,095 USD and includes the machine itself as well as a carbon filter for smell and odor reduction. For additional cost Supercloset offers add ons including water filters, germination packages and nutrients packs. 

The Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box sells for $1,999 USD. Included in this price is the Grobo One itself as well as a welcome kits. The kit contains your Grobo one, a no smell carbon filter, five liquid nutrient bottles and a Coco pod. This is everything that you need to get your growbox up and running, this way you can start growing as soon as you receive your growbox. These 5 bottles are used to adjust the pH level of the water and ensure your plant has all the nutrients required for exceptional quality and high yield. 

Supercloset Super Locker. ($2,095)

Made in North America 

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 60"


Lighting: LED (Purple only) 

Energy: ~$25/mo

Nutrients: ~$36/mo

Total Costs: ~$61/mo (~$732/yr)

Super Closet
Grobo One Automated Grow Box

Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box. ($1999)

Made in North America 

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 48” 

Lighting: LED (Eight spectrum) 

Energy: ~$5/mo

Nutrients: ~$10/mo

Total Costs: ~$15/mo (~$180/yr) 

75% Less expensive than Supercloset's operating cost!

Winner: Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box


Not only does the Grobo unit retail at a cheaper price but it is also less expensive to run and maintain. Due to its extremely energy efficient lighting it only adds about $5 per month to you energy bill. It is also less expensive to purchase the nutrients and other consumable supplies necessary to continue growing.


Fluid glass

It is very evident that Grobo has not sacrificed any quality to offer its lower price. The Grobo One has many valuable and functional features that really boost the overall customer experience. A perfect example is the Fluid Glass feature. The fluid glass allows you to see into the unit with the click of a button from your app. By clicking literally one button you are able to see into the machine to check on your plants progress. By taking away the need to open up your machine you are keeping odor in the machine, while maintaining the necessary growing ecosystem for your plant. This feature also takes away the opportunity for pesky bugs to fly in while you have your growbox open.

Full spectrum led lighting

Grobo’s full spectrum lighting completely changes the game. This may just sound like 8 fancy ways to give your plant light but it can actually does amazing things for your plant. The 8 different colours can shine at varying intensities throughout each stage of the growth cycle. Grobo customizes the lighting settings of each specific strain to increase the yield and quality of the plant. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that changing your light levels can alter the characteristics of your plant. This means that you can make your tomatoes spicer, your basil sweeter or you can adjust the levels of THC and CBD in your cannabis. 

Bottom line: It means you can grow, bigger and better plants. Really at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Full spectrum led lighting

The Grobo is the most automated system on the market. The pH level adjustment and nutrients dosing features save you lots of time. The pH sensor in the water reservoir constantly monitor the pH levels in the water. When the system indicates that it isn’t at optimal growing conditions it automatically doses pH up or pH down to get it back to its perfect state. The grow boxes EC sensor is also constantly monitoring the systems nutrients levels. It knows exactly how much nutrients the plant needs. When the system senses that the plant is low on food it automatically doses in nutrients, this means that your plant never goes hungry. 

These features stop you from having to constantly tend to the mundane task of balancing pH levels and dosing nutrients. Not having to do this severely cuts the amount of manual labour and upkeep necessary for your plant. 

Grobo also provides you with a grow recipe list meaning that you can actually go through and choose from a list of plants and strains you want to grow ahead of time. This list tells you exactly how long it will take from the time you plant your seed till harvest meaning you know exactly when you get your final product. Each recipe on that list also has a pre-set optimal lighting schedule. That means that each specific strain has a tailored setting with tested success, high quality and the best yield possible.