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Storz & Bickel - Mighty Vape Review

There are a TON of vapes in the market, but one company that's been around since the beginning is Storz & Bickel. They created the notorious Volcano vape back in 1998 and have been building and refining their vaporizers ever since. Their vapes are all made in Germany out of their state of the art factory. Check out the factory tour, it's truly awesome!

More importantly, we're here because of the Mighty vape. This is one of two portable vapes that S&B produces. The Crafty is their other portable vape that's a bit smaller than the Mighty.

For Stephen, our resident cannabis expert, the Might has been his go-to vape for the past 4 years. After carrying his first Mighty nearly everywhere with him for three years, it was time to get a new one... so here's why he thinks this vape is totally worth it.

What We Love About the Mighty

The devil's in the details. Storz & Bickel have done a great job of making this vape robust, compact, and easy to use. Take, for example, the grinders & filling chamber.

1. Large Grinder - It fits so nicely in your hand. This is one of the easiest grinders to use and helps you prepare larger quantities of bud in one shot.

2. Filling Chamber - This looks like a grinder but it's brilliantly designed. It screws right onto the loading chamber of the vape making it easy to transfer your flower from the grinder to the Mighty.

Not enough for you? Here are some other things we love:

Great Accessories: The might includes both a wall charger and a car charger, so it's always ready to go. It also includes a second mouth piece, extra filters, seals, and more!

Strong Batteries: Running at a top temp of 210C, the batteries are as Mighty as the name suggests. They'll keep your vape running strong, all day long.

High Quality Clouds: Yup, you heard it right. The taste is awesome and the consistency is there.

Overall, this is a very reliable vaporizer. It's not cheap, but it's the go to for Stephen.


- Reliable

- Accurate Temperatures

- Easy to Use

- Great Accessories

- Strong Batteries


- Not Cheap

So, is the Mighty worth it?

Absolutely. If you want a high quality vape, this is the one to get.

It might not be cheap, but it will definitely be worth it... and we're not just blowing smoke.

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