Home growing, simplified. 

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Home growing, simplified.

Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box

Don’t Have Experience Growing? No Problem.

Grobo’s customised lighting system, nutrients dispersion and pH balancing are all automated. Growing should be fun, let us take care of the hard parts of growing great plants.

Save money

Grobo pays for itself in no time. Our custom designed lighting and multiple sensors, optimize your plants growth through each phase of the grow cycle resulting in large high quality yields.

Save time

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it. Grobo will automatically tend to your plants needs meaning that you hardly ever have to lift a finger to grow high quality plants.

Grow something incredible

Growing your own plants is an incredible and unique experience. Pick a recipe and watch your masterpiece blossom in the comfort of your own home.

Unique Eight Spectrum LED Lighting System

This extremely energy efficient lighting system shines each of the coloured lights at varying intensities throughout the different phases of the grow cycle. We customize the light settings in each recipe to ensure that your plant grows to perfection.

Grow Safely and Securely

Your plant is your business. Lock and unlock your Grobo conveniently, see your plant when you want with the touch of a button using the Grobo App. Our Grobos also use No-Smell Carbon Filters to stop any unwanted odours from escaping. Keeping your plant safe, and keeping a perfect growing environment intact.

[Grobo] seems so modern: a utopian blend of technology and nature that's both efficient and folksy.

Grobo One - Made in North America