Grobo Grow Guide

The Grow Walk Through is a full demonstration of what it's like to grow with Grobo. It outlines the basics of each week of growth: what's happening with your Grobo, what maintenance is required and weekly tips to improve your growth. 

Set up.

Things You'll Need.

Before setting up your Grobo make sure you have the following items: a bucket or jug of water, a towel, a pair of scissors, the seed you want to grow and about 45 minutes of time. 

What Do I Need To Do?

Carefully unpackage your Grobo and follow the instructions in the box and as you are prompted through the Grobo App. Ensure your Grobo is positioned properly before you fill the reservoir. 

Weekly Tips.

Use distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water. This will ensure your Grobo has a clean slate and won't waste nutrients trying to rebalance the contents of the water. 

Week 1

What's Happening With My Grobo?

The first seven days of the grow cycle is called germination. This is the process where your seed cracks open, sprouts a single root (known as a tap root) and then begins to grow on the top. In order to germinate your seed requires water, the correct temperature and air/oxygen. Luckily Grobo One will ensure that this happens, phew!

What Do I Need To Do?

This week you will be asked to top up your reservoir once and completely drain and refill your reservoir to enable the system to dose.

Weekly Tip

1. Use distilled water for your grow! This will result in better overall plant quality.

2. Introduce yourself to the AllGrowers community. This is a great way to meet fellow Grobo growers and get tips on your grow!

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Week 13

What's Happening With My Grobo?

Your plant is almost ready for harvest. Keep a close eye on it. Once you think it is ready for harvest you're done!! Ta da, chop that thing down and begin the harvesting process!

What Do I Need To Do?

Keep an eye on your plant and determine when your plant is ready for harvest. Remove any dead leaves that have fallen off of your plant from inside the Grobo. Once it's ready you'll need to cut it down and begin the harvest process. 

Weekly Tip

Follow these three steps to determine if your plant is ready for harvest:
1. The pistils on the plant have turned orange/brown by over 75%

2. The trichomes when viewed through a 60x loupe appear over 50% cloudy, with 20% being amber

3. I am available in 3 days to place the cannabis into a glass jar. The drying recipe is very short, only 3 days and then the cannabis will need to be moved from the Grobo to the glass.