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Grobo One

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DWC Tank


Grobo One is a hydroponic system meaning it utilizes a deep water culture system. When your plant's roots pop they live in water rather than soil. Grobo's automatic dosing system feeds your plant the nutrients it needs to thrive by dispensing them directly into the water reservoir. The deep water culture system helps your plants grow faster and provides Grobo with greater control over your system's growing elements. 

8 Spectrum lighting

Ultra-Efficient 8 Spectrum 150 Watt LED Lighting 

The 8 spectrum LED provides your Grobo with maximum control over your plant. Light can be adjusted to change characteristics of your plant and ensure it grows effectively in the available space. Did you know that different colors of light can alter THC and CBD levels? Cool, huh?

Automated nutes

Automatic Feeding Nutrient Bank 

You're not the only one that needs food to survive, your plants do too. Never worry about feeding your plants on time or in the right amount, Grobo does it for you.

Drain and fill tank

Easy Drain & Fill
Grobo utilizes hydroponics, so you don't have to worry about making a mess with soil.To add water or empty your Grobo, simply use the built-in hoses. The 11L reservoir has more than enough room for your plant's roots to grow.

Carbon Filter

No Smell Carbon Filter

No matter how stinky your grow is the smell will stay in. The activated charcoal filter cleans the air before it is emitted from your Grobo. 

Back of Grow Box

Dual In-Line Fans 

Grobo's dual in-line fans ensure that your plant receives proper airflow to grow happy and healthy.

Steel Security Lock 

The built in door lock is easily unlocked through the app, ensuring that your kids and pets stay safe.

Energy Efficient Electronics

Most grow systems leave you drowning in energy costs. Not Grobo. Grobo typically costs under $5 per month in energy. Simply plug it into the wall and enjoy your energy efficient grow.

Grobo requires little maintenance throughout the grow cycle. You will need to do the following to maintain your Grobo. 

1. Change the water in your Grobo. You will receive notifications through the app when it is time to change your water. This can be done easily by using the fill and drain hoses located inside your Grobo. 

2. Top and trim your plant as needed. Throughout the grow, you will receive educational tips on how to maximize your yield. Although not required, the more tips you follow, the better your plant will grow. 

3. Harvest your plant and hang it out to dry!


Width: 14 inches (35.5cm) 

Depth: 14 inches (35.5cm)

Height: 48 inches (122cm)


Grobo: 80lbs (40kg)

Power cord & Adapter: 2.2lbs (1kg)

Body Material 

Color: Gloss white

Material: Cold Rolled Steel

Top & Base Material

Color: Natural

Material: Multilayered Baltic Birch Plywood


150 Watt LED light

Electrical Requirements

120V - Grobo plugs right into the wall just like any other appliance


Grobo requires a WiFi connection to function properly 

Grobo App

Access your Grobo and track your plant's progress through the Grobo App on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Firmware & Software

Your Grobo is automatically upgraded to the latest available firmware and software when it is available. This is done wirelessly. All you need is to be connected to your WiFi network. This does not require any manual installation.


Grobo uses a variety of sensors that continually collect and transmit data regarding your plant's growing environment. 

pH Sensor: Maintaining a consistent pH level within the optimal range is essential for your plant to grow healthy. While tedious for an individual, Grobo makes it easy. Our sensors monitor and adjust your pH automatically if it is detected to be outside of the optimal range. 

Temperature Sensor: This sensor measures both the internal and external temperatures of your Grobo growbox to ensure it's always in the optimal range.

EC Sensor:
EC stands for electrical conductivity. This sensor is used to measure the level of nutrients and solids in the water. The data is then used to adjust the level of nutrient dosing in your Grobo.

Water Level Sensor: Three water level sensors in your Grobo's reservoir are used to measure the level of water in the tank. At various stages in your plant's growth cycle the water level will need to be adjusted for optimal growth. These sensors ensure your water tank is filled to the correct point every time. 

Humidity Sensor: This sensor measures the internal and external levels of humidity.

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Is using Grobo as easy as it sounds?

Yes it is! Grobo's automated features means you get to spend your time doing whatever you want!

How many plants can I grow at a time?

One plant at a time. This means that all of the Grobo's lights and nutrients can focus on growing one incredible plant.

Is Grobo actually shipping?

Yes! We've fulfilled hundreds of orders and our growers are successfully growing and harvesting. Visit the AllGrowers forum to see their results.

Does Grobo come with a warranty?

The Grobo comes with a full year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also purchase an extended warranty of 2 or 3 years.

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