A Step by Step Guide to Getting Started with Grobo

Step 1: Put down your $300 deposit

Step 2: Download the MyGrobo App to track your order through each stage from assembly to shipping

Step 3: Receive and pay final invoice

Step 4: Decide what type of plant you want to grow and purchase your seeds

We've added a list of places where you can purchase high quality seeds below. 

Cannabis Seeds 

True North Seedbank (25% off Seeds when you have a Grobo) 

Jah Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

Non-Cannabis Seeds 


Seeds Canada


Not sure what to grow yet? 

Check out a list of our pre-set recipes list

Step 5: Receive your Grobo 

We recommend that you have a towel and a bucket of distilled water ready so you can start growing right away

Step 6: Follow the directions in the Mygrobo app to get set up 

Step 7: Grow your masterpiece

The Grobo Community is Growing

Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box Collage

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