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The Most Asked & Interesting Questions About Cannabis - Answered!

Bjorn Dawson September 05, 2019

The internet is a treasure trove of information, but just like treasure, you have to dig to find the good stuff. So that’s exactly what I did. I combed through all the blog posts, history essays, ramblings, and personal anecdotes to bring you succinct answers to some of the most asked questions about cannabis that I found on the internet.

Question: What is the origin of the term “420”?



In the 70s, a group of high school students in California would meet up at 4:20pm to smoke and search for a plot of abandoned cannabis plants that they had heard about. They used “420” as a secret code word to let each other know that they wanted to meet up, smoke, and search for the cannabis crop.

They never found the crop, but the term “420” caught on and is now used around the world to signify a time to use cannabis. In addition, April 20th is now an international “cannabis holiday”.


The Full Story:

The True Story of 420 - Huffington Post

Question: Which successful entrepreneurs use cannabis?


Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Steve Jobs, and a whole host of celebrated entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and politicians have used, and/or support the legalization of cannabis.


Many of these people claim that cannabis either helped them think more creatively, or it helped them focus on specific tasks or ideas. The scope of people who have used cannabis is really much greater than you may think.


The Full Story:

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Question: How was smoking cannabis discovered?


No one really knows for sure, as marijuna has been a plant used by people long before recorded history.

One of the earliest known mentions of marijuana use was by Scythians (Iranian Eurasian nomads in 9th-1st century B.C.) who inhaled marijuana smoke.

Another source says that the oldest written account of marijuana dates back to 2727 B.C., when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered the plant and used it medicinally.
Question: Why was cannabis made illegal?


Cannabis has a long and complicated history. It started off as a highly sought-after and versatile plant. It was used in all types of applications, from being consumed as medicine to being made into useful products and building materials, cannabis could do it all.

 The hemp plant was especially prolific in the United States before 1900, and it was actually required by law for farmers to grow hemp in order to supply materials to make hemp rope, clothing, sails, and paper.

However, cannabis was made illegal in the 1930s due to issues involving American politics and racism. It involved a politician looking for something to incarcerate, and a growing resentment towards Mexican immigrants.


The story of Anslinger the politician:

Harry Anslinger was a politician in charge of the DEA (the Drug Enforcement Administration). After alcohol prohibition had failed, Anslinger needed something else to put the resources of the DEA behind. He chose to single out cannabis and start a war against it.

Anslinger did everything he could to make cannabis seem like a dangerous drug that made people crazy and do dangerous things. From spreading propaganda about cannabis being “the devil’s drug”, to shutting down all scientists who vouched for the benign nature of the plant, Anslinger made people afraid of cannabis.


The Full Story:

The Reason Cannabis is Banned - Huffington Post

The story about fake news against Mexican immigrants:

During the 1910s, the Mexican Revolution drove large numbers of Mexicans to the U.S. to escape the conflict. Along with them, the Mexicans brought their “marihuana” and smoked it recreationally.

Prior to this, Americans had only ever called the plant “cannabis” and mainly used it medicinally. This recreational consumption of cannabis was something Americans were very unfamiliar with, and because the Americans were resentful of the rapidly growing population of Mexicans, several newspapers started to spread fake news about how marijuana made Mexicans crazy.

Soon after, marijuana was banned, and officials were allowed to deport Mexicans for smoking marijuana.


The Full Story:

The Reason Cannabis is Illegal - Attn

Question: What is it like to be a cannabis farmer?


According to a number of cannabis farmers, the work is tiring, but it’s also extremely rewarding.

It's reportedly very stressful to have hundreds of plants depend on you. You have to worry about a whole host of issues like plant disease and pests, security for yourself and your plants (theft and being held at gunpoint is a possibility), making sure your plants get fed the right amount of nutrients and are living in the right temperature.

You also have to be weary of law enforcement and have to make sure you have all your legal papers sorted out. However at the end of the day, seeing the plants go from tiny seeds to huge flowers and big bugs is wonderfully rewarding.

If all of that sounds too troublesome for you and you just want to experience the rewarding feeling of growing a plant, then consider the Grobo automated grow box to be your next growing companion. It will do all the hard work of growing for you.


The Full Story:

What is it like to be a cannabis farmer - Quora

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