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710: What It Means, and 10 Cannabis Oil Uses for Celebrating

Bjorn Dawson July 02, 2020

29% of US adults live in a location where all types of cannabis use are completely legal. Are you one of them?  


Hundreds of American adults are discovering cannabis every year. Yet, with so many cannabis oil uses and holidays to celebrate, you may feel overwhelmed getting fully immersed in the culture.  


That's why we think it's about time you found out about 710, concentrates, and the cannabis oil uses that could benefit you.  


Are you wondering about concentrates and whether they're right for you? Then stick around to find out the incredible benefits of cannabis. Plus, we'll tell you how to grow your own at home for the best 710 you've ever had.   

710: The 420 of Dabbing

If 420 is the holiday for cannabis smokers, then 710 is its concentrate and dabbing counterpart. That's right, each year on July 10th, dabbers around the world are breaking out their rigs and pens to take advantage of the benefits of concentrates.  


Fun fact: if you turn 710 upside down, it spells OIL. Oil is the better-known term for concentrates. Though, as you'll see next, cannabis oil isn't the only type of concentrate you can use to celebrate 710.  


How to Celebrate 710

Want to celebrate the dabbers' holiday this year? It's easy. All you need is a dabbing rig or dabbing pen to dab the night away with your fellow concentrate enthusiasts. But first, you'll need the right products to get the party started.  


Wondering which concentrates are best to use on 710? We're talking you through our top five picks next, so check it out.  


The Best Concentrates for 710 Celebrations

By now you may be wondering: what exactly is a concentrate? A cannabis concentrate is simply the most concentrated, potent form of cannabis you can buy.  


Concentrates are created through a process called extraction. Extracting cannabis removes all the plant materials except for the cannabinoids and, in some cases, terpenes. That means you're getting the full benefits and potency without any extra nonsense .


There are different types of cannabis concentrates. Depending on how the concentrate is extracted, the final product may be any of the five following types of concentrates.  




Shatter is the ultimate cannabis concentrate for those who want absolutely pure products. This concentrate is so-named for its glass-like appearance. It also tends to shatter when divided into smaller portions.  


Because of its purity, shatter tends to be nearly translucent in color. The one downside to using shatter is the way in which it's extracted. BHO extraction is the only way to turn cannabis into shatter, but this method uses butane, which is less than ideal. 




Wax is a much less purified cannabis concentrate than shatter but they're both used in similar ways. Both wax and shatter can be smoked in a rig. Just make sure to use a dabbing pin because wax, in particular, can make for a pretty sticky situation.  


Keep in mind that wax usually comes in two varieties: budder and crumble. Budder is gooey and sticky, with a consistency sometimes resembling honey. On the other hand, crumble is much less moisture-rich and its brittleness is more reminiscent of shatter.  




If you want to avoid the BHO extraction method used to make shatter and wax, rosin may be your guy. Using heat and pressure alone, cannabis flower or kief turns into rosin.   


Rosin is much more golden in color than its BHO extracted counterparts. That's because the hydraulic press method doesn't guarantee purity. Still, many dabbers love rosin because it retains some of the distinct aromas that cannabis terpenes provide.  



Hash is hands down the oldest way of making cannabis concentrates. It's the least potent of all concentrates but, considering the ease and variety of methods with which hash is made, that's no wonder. 


You could DIY hash at home using hard-packed kief. There are multiple other ways to make the different varieties of hash, too. The only thing about hash is it's not commonly used for dabbing, so it may not be the best concentrate for 710 celebrations.  




Last but not least is the well-known cannabis oil. Oils are our favorite concentrates for a few reasons, including that they're easy to find and safely made. Cannabis oil makers use CO2 to extract instead of butane, making for a much healthier and safer product.  


CO2 extraction also keeps many of the terpenes present. If you're looking for a potent cannabis concentrate that's safe, easy to use, super beneficial and a whole lot of fun, we recommend picking up some cannabis oil for your 710 celebrations this year.   


10 Cannabis Oil Uses for 710 and Beyond

So, we mentioned that cannabis oil is our favorite concentrate because it's super beneficial. How beneficial, you ask? Research scientists have uncovered a whole host of cannabis oil effects, ten of which we're talking about below.  


Whether you want to use cannabis oil for 710 or add them to your health and wellness regimen, you need to know about these incredible benefits. Check them out!  


1. Cannabis Oil for Aches and Pains

Perhaps the most well-established use of cannabis oil is for pain. Today, modern research shows that the anti-inflammatory qualities of cannabis, in general, and CBD particularly are responsible for cannabis' pain-relieving effects.  

2. Cannabis Oil for Relaxation

Anxiety disorders are the #1 mental health condition in America. It's no wonder scientists have been so interested in using cannabis and, more recently, CBD for anxiety.  
That's how we know that cannabis with high CBD concentrations is helpful for people with anxiety, PTSD, and even insomnia.   

3. Cannabis Oil for Mood


In addition to showing promising uses for anxiety, cannabis oil could also be good for depression. This is because cannabinoids interact with the brain's serotonin levels. Serotonin is often called the "happiness molecule" and elevating levels of it can alleviate the symptoms of depression.  


4. Cannabis Oil for Skin

You've probably seen products popping up with cannabis as their main ingredient. That's because cannabinoids may be beneficial against acne and other skin conditions.  

5. Cannabis Oil for the Brain

Cannabinoids do affect the brain and scientists believe it's in a good way. For example, cannabis may help protect the brain against damage and cell death. It also encourages new brain cell growth, which could be helpful for neurodegenerative diseases.  

6. Cannabis Oil for the Heart

Perhaps the newest line of research into the benefits of cannabis has surrounded its effects on the heart. One study shows that CBD specifically could help lower blood pressure. The anti-anxiety effects of cannabis may also play a role in protecting the heart against stress.  

7. Cannabis Oil for Appetite

This one should come as no surprise to seasoned cannabis users. The munchies are a common phenomenon stoners say they experience after a smoke session. Now, researchers are using this knowledge to look into the benefits of cannabis for appetite.  
Conditions like AIDS and Alzheimer's are known to cause loss of appetite, which can lead to dangerous and rapid weight loss. Using cannabis oil that's high in THC can increase appetite; if it's high in CBD, the opposite is true.   

8. Cannabis Oil for Upset Stomach

It's a common saying among cannabis users that you should smoke a bowl or hit a dab if you're feeling nauseous. Forty years of research have shown that cannabis and cannabis oil can help alleviate an upset stomach.   
Most studies chalk this up to the THC content in cannabis. Folk medical practitioners have also used cannabis for centuries to address nausea related to conditions like AIDS and hepatitis.   

9. Cannabis Oil for Movement Issues

Movement disorders are often associated with twitching muscles and involuntary outbursts. The good news is researchers think cannabis can help. THC products have made it all the way to clinical trials and beyond for the treatment of Tourettes, Parkinson's, and more.   

10. Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy

Scientists first became interested in cannabis when researching its effects on epilepsy. High-CBD cannabis oils, in particular, are now legal treatments for some severe forms of epilepsy.   

Grow Your Own Cannabis for 710

Cannabis oil uses continue to emerge each day. You don't have to wait for the research to enjoy all the benefits this plant has to offer on 710. All you need is a rig or a pen and the right product or two.  


Want to make this 710 your best one yet? Grobo can help you out with our automated cannabis grow boxes. Learn more about our products to start growing 2–3 ounces of cannabis strains for your very own homemade concentrates!  

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