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Why is it bad for weed to have seeds in it?

Bjorn Dawson May 13, 2020

High-quality weed is important when you invest your own money in what you smoke. And there are a handful of things that can degrade that quality, one of which is finding seeds in your weed 


If you’re looking at your weed and you've noticed it has seeds in it, it's important to figure out why, and whether that's bad. Seeds are what you get after pollination. So if you have your cannabis buds, those which come from the female plant, and there are seeds inside that means the female cannabis plant came into contact with some pollen from the male plant and the result was that it produced seeds.


If you have particularly seedy weed, it could mean that the grower didn't properly identify the male and female plants and subsequently remove any male plants before the pollen was released. It could also mean that the plants self pollinate it, something rare but that still does happen. This self pollination usually happens when the plant is stressed while undergoing the budding phase but sometimes it can manifest because of genetics.

Why this Matters

Having one or two seeds in the mix doesn't mean your weed is bad. However, if your buds have a lot of seeds in them it might not be as potent. So, the potency can be significantly reduced which of course is not what you want when you pay good money for your weed. This doesn't mean it's bad for your health but it does mean that the total amount of smokable weed is seriously reduced, as the total mass is comprised of the smokable weed and the unwanted seeds. Obviously if you purchase weed with no seeds in it you're going to get a lot more for the amount of money you invest. The highest quality and most potent form of weed is that with no seeds.

Saving the Seeds 

If you’re feeling ambitious you can take the seeds out of your pot and try to grow from them. Most situations are hit or miss with this. The plants that you grow from the seeds you found in your weed might not yield a lot and the quality might not be what you expect because they’re typically not thoroughbred so to speak. Most people who are growing on a regular basis will use cloned seeds which come from the mother plant entirely while others purchase their seeds from a stable strain which provides more consistent results. Still, it can be fun to try growing from bag seed every once in awhile.


If you’re going to try your hand at some modest pot-growing with the seeds, check on their viability first. Seeds that are relatively hard when you try to squeeze them and dark in color are best. If it's very white or pale and you can squish it between your fingers, it probably won't sprout. 


You don't want to spend your hard-earned money and come home ready to relax with your latest blunt only to find that it's full of seeds and not worth the money you invested. That said, even if you haven't had the misfortune of buying weed full of seeds, it’s good to know what makes good weed different from bad weed, seeds or not. 


That said visual cues might not be enough to evaluate your weed 100% but it can help you to conduct at best a preliminary inspection to see if you can find any seeds before you buy. 

Before You Buy

Low quality pot won't give you the high you want, but it might give you a headache and some sleepy vibes. This usually has a lot of stems in it, leaves, and even seeds. If you notice that the weight of the weed you’re purchasing is more than you expected it's not because your dealer is your friend... it's probably because you have low quality weed with lots of seeds.


The buds should be fat, they should be dense, they should be hard to squeeze. When you do squeeze them they should make a crunching sound.


When you're able to look at the buds up close, you want to see if any seeds, stems, or leaves are easily identified. Beyond that you want to examine the color. The verdant nature of the bud is indicative of how healthy it is. Basically the richer the green color, the healthier the plant. This green is also a representation of how well treated the plant was before it reached you. If the curing and the drying process was conducted appropriately it will maintain its rich, green color. 


Before you buy you need to understand that genetics is of course a very important factor but just as genetics play an important role in your overall health, you can change it based on your lifestyle habits, the effort that the grower puts in after the harvest plays just as important a role in the overall well-being of the weed. You want the weed that was properly cared for, properly trimmed, and properly processed otherwise it won't get you high like you want. 

How to Avoid Seedy Weed

The best way to avoid seedy weed is to purchase from a qualified vender and not just your friend's brother down the street. If you’re purchasing from a reputable establishment online or offline you will be able to verify the quality beforehand. You can ask questions to figure out how well the plant was treated and you can avoid otherwise low quality weed. 


When you purchase your weed from a qualified vendor you’ll have the opportunity to smell it, feel it, to listen for that quintessential crunch, and to walk away knowing that you didn't get a seedy deal. All of this will make your monetary investment well worth every dollar as you will get the high that you really want. 

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