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The best method to measure your indoor cannabis yield

Stephen Campbell October 14, 2019


The most important goal for a high-quality indoor cannabis grower is to maximize yield. Even if you're only growing a few plants for yourself, surely you want more bud for your efforts. Being able to measure cannabis yields accurately gives you top-grower bragging rights. In addition, you can make your growing processes more efficient if you know how much bud your grow-space produces.A clear idea of your harvest yield helps you make valuable projections as a commercial grower. You can make adjustments that increase the overall yield while reducing your overhead costs. 

5 Methods To Measure Cannabis Yield Indoors

Over many years, cannabis growers have worked to make the various growing processes as efficient as possible. Now, the secret techniques used by master growers are easily accessible to growers of all calibre. Even the most inexperienced individual can grow cannabis indoors with zero hassle.


With the recent boom experienced by the cannabis industry, the demand for quality weed has gone through the roof. Customers insist on plants grown under the best conditions, for the best tasting buds. Maximizing the yield per growth cycle has become more critical than ever.There are a couple of methods to measure cannabis yields in indoor growing conditions. Let’s take a look at the five most prominent ones used by master growers: 


Grams per Plant

Among the most used method by growers to measure cannabis yield is to find out how much gram of bud you produce per plant. You do this by calculating the total weight of dried buds harvested from a single plant. While this method paints a clear picture of the plant’s size, it doesn’t do much in helping you know the real yield of your grow space.A plant that produces 20 grams of bud should be bigger than a plant that provides just 5 grams of bud. However, in a grow space of equal size, you can fit more plants of a smaller size than big plants. This could lead to a bigger harvest when you consider the numbers – quite the opposite of what you would expect.Calculating yield in grams per plant gets even more complicated when you try to compare two grow rooms of similar sizes with a different number of plants. One grower might put three plants within their grow space while another fits ten plants in an area of similar dimensions. Accurately evaluating each grower's overall performance becomes tough, indeed. 


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