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Why Growing Cannabis Indoors Takes So Much Effort?

Bjorn Dawson October 11, 2020

Wy growing indoors is so difficult


If you're a marijuana enthusiast, then few things feel as rewarding as self-grown high-quality buds. 

With the recent spate of pot legalization and decriminalization that have happened in many states, chances are you are able to grow your own stash without constantly looking over your shoulder.

For a variety of reasons including discretion, growing cannabis indoors is totally worth pursuing. 

However, while it holds many advantages over outdoor growing, indoor growing is far from a passive activity. 

What makes indoor growing of weed such an arduous task? 

Getting the plant to grow to maturity is not the biggest challenge; surely, the term “weed” was not arbitrarily chosen by whoever bestowed that liberty upon themselves. Rather, the challenge is growing exceptional weed that would make any connoisseur of the ganja proud. 

The aim with indoor growing is to simulate natural conditions that are best suited for the strain of marijuana you are looking to grow. This is achieved through a combination of artificial systems for temperature control, ventilation, pest and disease control, water and soil nutrition balance among others. 

Maintaining all these factors at an optimal level takes great care and dedication. Depending on the strain you choose, anywhere from three to seven months before you can enjoy that relaxing puff off your precious herb. 

At any instant, one or more systems can fail and compromise the entire process, so you have to maintain unyielding discipline until the end. 

Ventilation and temperature control

Airflow in your grow tent is a huge factor in determining the growth success of your plants. Without proper airflow, buildup of unwanted waste gases denies your indoor plants proper balance. As well as allowing the humidity conditions for mold to reproduce. 

On top of that marijuana plants create a distinctive smell that might eventually saturate the house and seep out. Even if you have the legal greenlight to plant, there is no guarantee that your neighbors, family or housemates will enthusiastically take in the whiff emanating from your indoor grow. 

More so, depending on jurisdiction, laws may require that you eliminate the scent. Some of the solutions for handling scent include air freshener spray, carbon filters and ozone generators. 

Temperature control is another parameter that is reliant on the ventilation system. Excess heat from grow lights needs to be vented, and during cold weather, heating may be needed. All together, the temperature needs to be maintained within 21°C (70°F) and 23°C (73°F).

With Grobo grow boxes, all of the ventilation is built right into the system so there's no need to run any exhaust lines.


Without sunlight, indoor cannabis plants rely on grow lights that are generally of high intensity.  

During the energy-intensive vegetative phase, when the plant does most of the gain in size, 16 to 18 hours of light are required. 

In order to trigger flowering, it’s necessary to trick the plant into “thinking” the seasons are changing. For varieties that are not auto-flowering, this is done by reducing the duration of lighting per day to 12 hours.

The light-control process is very sensitive and if interrupted, the plant may go into revegetation, known as “re-vegging” in growers’ circles, entailing a cessation of flowering and receding back into the vegetative cycle. 

Using grow recipes and powerful, full spectrum LEDs, the Grobo handles all of this for you!

Water and nutrition 

It goes without saying that the plants will need to be watered regularly, otherwise, like any living thing deprived of this life-sustaining compound they will die. Conversely, overwatering can lead to destruction of the roots, even to the point of rotting. 

Besides water, marijuana also requires a variety of nutrients to grow and bloom efficiently. The growth medium and supplementary nutrients are important factors in achieving the desired flavor and optimal yield. 

You can plant your weed in a variety of mediums including soil, fiber and hydroponics, all of which require regular inspection and adjustments. 

Watering, applying fertilizer according to schedule, and monitoring the pH can take up a lot of your time.  

Don't worry, Grobo automates all of this for you! It can even figure out what type of water you put into the tank and then add nutrients accordingly.

Pest and disease control

Pest control when growing indoors is relatively more straightforward than outdoors, because entry of larger pests into the growing area can be controlled through physical barriers. 

Nevertheless, parasites like spider mites and mildew are a common nuisance. 

Spotting signs of disease or pest infestation takes close visual inspection, sometimes of all the leaves. You might then need to nip affected parts, apply pesticide or remove entire plants to avoid cross-contamination. 

General safety of the growing area 

As if the constant attention that the plants need to grow optimally is not enough, it is important to note that the equipment and plants themselves (especially during drying) can pose a fire hazard.

The complex wiring, rubber and plastic fittings, and even particulate matter that is emitted by the plants means that even a small electrical fault can cause serious fire damage. 

You will therefore need to keep a close eye on all components and identify potential disastrous defects.   

Yup, you guessed it! Grobo has FCC and CE electrical certifications making it safe for your home.

What does this mean for your dream of growing your own cannabis? 

Grobo’s automated grow boxes will take care of temperature, pests, lights, and environmental hazards, so you have more time to dedicate to your cannabis plants (And your daily life!).

The Grobo automated Grow Box does make growing cannabis a joy.

And believe me, harvesting your first loaded buds will overshadow the time and investment you put in along the way.

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