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Why Are My Cannabis Leaves Light Green?

Bjorn Dawson December 25, 2020

Cannabis lovers, rejoice: It's legal to grow recreational or medicinal cannabis at home in at least 18 states right now. This is great news for those who would love to grow a cannabis plant in the comfort of their own four walls.

However, growing cannabis isn't as easy as it might seem.

If you're tired of researching "cannabis plant light green," then we've got you covered. The answer is simple - your plant might need some love. Check out what to do if your cannabis leaves or cannabis plant is turning light green below!

Reason 1: Incorrect PH Balance

If your cannabis leaves are light green, chances are that they're starting to wilt, curl, or spot too. Sadly, this can happen for several reasons. However, we can help you pinpoint exactly what the true "root of the problem" is, such as the soil pH of your cannabis plant's roots.

Here's the thing. Whether you grow cannabis in hydroponics, coco coir, or hydroponics, you might see light green leaves if the pH near your plant's roots is either too low or too high. Sometimes, it's hard for a cannabis plant to absorb all the nutrients when its pH is off balance. As a result, you may see signs of nutrient deficiency even if these nutrients are present near its roots.

Symptoms of an Incorrect PH 

In case you didn't know, some of the biggest symptoms of an incorrect pH include light green leaves, as well as stripes, spots, or patches. Burning near the edge of your leaves is also a big red flag.

As a matter of fact, most nutrient deficiencies in cannabis plants can be caused by an imbalanced pH. That's where you - the grower - come in. It's your job to make sure that your pH is in the correct range.

For hydro optimum or coco soil, the goal is between 5.5 pH and 6.5 pH. For soil optimum, the range is between 6 pH and 7 pH. Luckily for you, it's a quick fix to get your soil back in order.

For starters, get a pH pen kit to test your water's pH before you offer it to your cannabis plants. Then, make the necessary adjustments by adding a base or an acid to your plant's water. Simple as that!

Reason 2: Bad Watering Habits 

Get this: It is much more popular to over-water your cannabis plants than to under-water them. Regardless of which bad watering habit you're guilty of, the result is pretty similar. No matter what, learning how to water your plants the right way at the perfect time is easy.

Signs of Poor Watering Practices 

First things first, the symptoms that your cannabis plant needs more or less water include:

  • Light green cannabis leaves from poor water habits
  • Droopiness at the beginning of your plant's day
  • Swollen, fat leaves from overwatering your plant
  • Papery, thin leaves from underwatering your plant

Unfortunately, overwatering can happen to growers who are caring for younger plants, especially since they have weaker, smaller root systems. Whether you give it too little or too much water at one time, you may find your cannabis leaves drooping. 

Plus, if your soil isn't draining properly, then your plant can show signs of overwatering no matter if you're watering your plants correctly or not. On top of that, large plants in tiny containers can be underwatered easily, while tiny plants in huge containers can be overwatered easily.

Have you taken a long vacation away from your cannabis plant?

If that's the case, then you might want to re-learn how to water your cannabis plants correctly when you get back in the swing of things.

First of all, you've got to invest in good coco coir or soil. Then, be sure that your plants are in the correct sized container for their overall size. Next, look out for signs of drooping - that means that you've given them too much water.

If they're drooping, light green cannabis leaves start to regain color and strength after watering them, which means that you've been underwatering them. Fortunately, it's a simple fix!

Reason 3: Nitrogen Deficiencies

Sick of dealing with light green cannabis leaves? Have no fear - this may be a sign of a serious but curable nitrogen deficiency in your plant.

Red Flags of Nitrogen Deficiencies 

Besides pale green leaves, other symptoms may include:

  • Sickly leaves near the bottom of your plant
  • Soft, yellowish leaves that are easy to pull up
  • Cannabis leaves that fall off on their own

Crazily enough, your cannabis plant may be using up the nutrients in their soil faster than you'd think. Naturally, this can happen after your cannabis plant has been stuck in the same small container for a handful of weeks or months. 

The same problem can also occur in hydro or coco when you're not giving your plant any additional nutrients. This is especially important because plain water or coco can't contain nitrogen naturally.

To fix this issue, all you have to do is give your cannabis plant a regular dose of plant nutrients from any cannabis nutrient system. If you're growing your cannabis plant slowly, then you should transplant it to a brand-new container with fresher soil. 

Pro tip: Cannabis plants that turn light green all over need more nitrogen. Healthier plants will appear as a more "medium green" when they've received enough nitrogen. However, too much nitrogen can lead to light green cannabis leaves too!

Reason 4: Harsh Light Burns

If you've never thought about how harsh your grow lights are for your cannabis plants, then you're in for a rude awakening. Think about it this way - light green leaves appear on the parts of your cannabis plant that are closest to the growing light.

Causes of Light Burns

Other symptoms that your cannabis plant is experiencing some serious light burns include light green cannabis leaves that won't pull out on their own (even if they're dead). Also, light burns can take several weeks to develop, which might explain why your cannabis leaves have turned light green toward the end of their flowering stage.

The craziest part about these types of burns is that they only impact the top cannabis leaves rather than the entire cannabis plant. So, how does this work, you ask?

Light burns can happen when your cannabis plants are working overtime, which may cause them to die off early. Even if your temperature is in the perfect range, your cannabis plant can still suffer from a light burn if your grow light is placed too close to it. This is also common for those who have powerful grow lights like: 

  • HPS grow lights
  • LED grow lights
  • LEC grow lights

That being said, some cannabis plants are just more sensitive than other cannabis plants. While one of your plants may be dealing with a problematic light burn, others may be fine. This can make it difficult to find out what the problem is, especially if some of your cannabis plants appear to be thriving at the same time.

To solve this, the best thing you can do is to move your grow lights much further away from your cannabis plant. Otherwise, bend the impacted plant so that it's more distanced from the grow light. Problem solved!

Bottom Line: Bring Your Plants Back to Life 

From overwatering and underwatering, to harsh grow lights and bad watering habits, there are tons of ways to bring your cannabis plant back from the dead.

To bring your cannabis plant to life, keep an eye out for light green cannabis leaves and drooping at the beginning of your plant's day. Sometimes, all that it takes is a few tweaks in the nutrient department to get your plant back on its feet. Once you begin monitoring your plant's soil pH levels, then you'll be sure to have a healthy plant on your hands in no time.

Our general rule of thumb?

If you're not sure what to do, take a look at what the manufacturer recommends in terms of how far you should keep your grow light from your cannabis plants. That should do the trick!

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