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Where can I home grow Cannabis? Definitive US Home Growing Guide

Flavia Marin May 02, 2019

Where can I home grow cannabis? Definitive US Home Growing Guide [Updated 2019]


Whether you permanently live in one of the 50 states, or are constantly moving from state to state due to work or a restless soul, it’s important to know the current legislature. If you’re thinking of growing your own cannabis in the U.S.A. Legislation is constantly changing to the point where it’s hard to keep track of what’s legal and illegal in your own state. It’s, therefore, no surprise that many Americans ask us the question “Where can I grow?”


The states allowing home cultivation only for medical purposes are marked orange. States in which it’s currently illegal to grow at home for any purpose have been marked red. If your state has been marked red, though, don’t feel discouraged! Legislation for your state may be considering the legalization of cannabis and/or growing as we speak.




Alabama (AL)

It is illegal to grow or possess marijuana in the state of Alabama. The state’s legislature is said to reconvene in March 2019 in order to discuss decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. There is no talk about legalizing the growing of cannabis at home. 



Alaska (AK)

If you are a resident of Alaska, you are permitted to possess, grow, and giveaway as many as 6 marijuana plants if you are aged 21 or older. You can also transfer up to 1 ounce of cannabis to another adult. Only 3 of your plants can be mature and flowering at any one time though.



Arizona (AZ)

Growing in Arizona is currently only legal for patients with a license who live 25 miles or more away from a dispensary. They can grow up to 12 plants.


Arizona lawmakers convened in January 2019 to begin the legislative session and will be considering these bills among others: SB 1003 (which would establish a framework, as well as licensing structure, for hemp farming) and SB 1022 (which would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adult use).



Arkansas (AR)

Growing cannabis in Arkansas is currently illegal. There is still hope for this state, however, as the Medical Marijuana Commission has recently licensed 5 medical marijuana cultivators and 32 dispensaries. It’s expected that medical marijuana will be available in dispensaries in April.



California (CA)

In the state of California, you are permitted to grow up to 6 plants (for recreational use) if you are over 21 years old. Patients with a license can grow up to 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants.



Colorado (CO)

Residents of the state of Colorado can grow up to 6 plants (per person), of which only 3 can be mature plants. A law was passed at the start of 2018 specifying that no residence can contain more than 12 cannabis plants (regardless of the number of adult residents living there). Cannabis grown in a home cannot be sold to other people in Colorado.



Connecticut (CT)

It is currently illegal to own or grow cannabis in Connecticut. The election of Ned Lamont has greatly improved the outlook of cannabis policy reform in the state, however. On March 14th of this year, it was announced that legislative leaders plan to pass bills that would end marijuana prohibition in the state. According to the Hartford Courtand, homegrown marijuana is not included in the draft bill, but it does direct the committee to consider the possibility of making it legal in the future.



Delaware (DE)

Growing cannabis is not legal in Delaware at the moment. There are steps being taken toward legalizing and regulating marijuana, though.



Florida (FL)

It is not legal to grow cannabis in Florida at this time. Laws have been passed to allow the opening of 25 dispensaries, plus 5 dispensaries for every 100,000 patients. There is, therefore, a chance that legalization for growing cannabis at home (for patients and recreational use) may be possible in the future.



Georgia (GA)

Residents of Georgia are not currently allowed to grow cannabis legally. Patients are also not allowed to grow, but steps have been taken toward in-state cultivation of low-THC products for patients.


Hawaii (HI)

The state of Hawaii allows medical cannabis users who are registered to grow up to 10 plants. Work is being done toward legalization as lawmakers push for numerous cannabis reform efforts.



Idaho (ID)

Idaho is really lagging behind in regard to cannabis legalization. It’s the only state whose laws do not acknowledged medical cannabis. The newly appointed governor recently said that he’s not opposed to medical cannabis but doesn’t want it to become a gateway for recreational cannabis.



Illinois (IL)

Growing cannabis in the state of Illinois is currently illegal. A bill that will be legalizing cannabis for residents 21 or older is expected soon, though. Cannabis would be taxed and regulated like alcohol in the state if the bill is passed. There is no news regarding the growing of cannabis as if yet.



Indiana (IN)

Indiana does not permit residents to grow cannabis and only allows a select few patients to consume medical marijuana at this time. There are hopes that the medical cannabis bill will be reviewed and improved during the next session.



Iowa (IA)

IThe first medical cannabis dispensary opened in Iowa on December 1st of last year. There is, however, no news in regard to when growing at home will become legal in this state.


Kansas (KS)

Medical marijuana is not yet legal in Kansas, and growing at home even less so. Legislature is now in session to discuss the legalization of medical cannabis, though, which is definitely a step forward.



Kentucky (KY)

A medical cannabis bill was approved by the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee just this January. There is, however, no news about growing for medical or recreational use as of yet.



Louisiana (LA)

Improvements to Louisiana’s medical cannabis law have been made since 2015. Medical marijuana is still inaccessible for patients though. The only authorized cultivators are Louisiana State University and Southern University, and they don’t have cannabis available for patients yet. There will also only be 9 dispensing pharmacies available in the entire state.



Maine (ME)

While recreational marijuana was legalized in Maine back in January 2017, implementation has lagged behind due in large part to the then-governor. According to the passed law, adults 21 years or older can grow up to 6 mature plants and up to 12 immature plants at one time.



Maryland (MD)

Using and growing cannabis is illegal in the state of Maryland at this time. Bills to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use have been introduced and will be reviewed once enough research data has been collected (which is due to be reported by December 31st of this year).



Massachusetts (MA) 

In the state of Massachusetts it is now legal for residents 21 years and older to grow up to 6 plants (all of which can be mature at once). There is also a hardship cultivation registration available for patients who need to grow more than 6 plants.


Michigan (MI) 

At this time, patients and caregivers in Michigan are permitted to grow up to 12 cannabis plants in their residence. On November 6th of last year, Proposal 18-1 to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol was approved by voters, and the law will go into effect on November 26th of this year. After that date, recreational users can grow up to 12 plants within one residence.


Minnesota (MN)

Growing and consuming cannabis is currently illegal in the state of Minnesota. A bill meant to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis has been introduced, though.



Mississippi (MS)

Medical and recreational cannabis are illegal in the state of Mississippi at this time. Mississippians for Compassionate Care filed an initiative that would make medical cannabis legal in the state in September 2018, however. The goal is to get the initiative to voters in 2020.



Missouri (MO) 

In the state of Missouri, medical cannabis was legalized on December 6th, 2018. Patients and caregivers in possession of a license can grow up to 6 plants at home at this time.


Montana (MT)

Residents of Montana with a license can grow up to 4 mature cannabis plants and 12 seedlings in their home at a time. There is no news in regards to legalizing recreational grow and use of cannabis.



Nebraska (NE)

Cannabis is still illegal in Nebraska at this time. There was, however, a bill introduced which will hopefully legalize medical marijuana in the near future. Home cultivation of cannabis has not yet been mentioned.


Nevada (NV)

Patients using medical cannabis in Nevada can grow up to 12 plants in their home if they live over 25 miles away from the closest medical dispensary. Recreational users can grow up to 6 plants in their home if they live over 25 miles away from the nearest retail store.



New Hampshire (NH)

Growing cannabis is illegal in the state of New Hampshire. On February 27th of this year, the House of Representatives voted to pass a bill that would legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis for those aged 21 or older. If the bill is passed, residents of New Hampshire 21 or older will be able to grow up to 6 plants, only 3 of which can be mature at one time. The household limit would be 12 plants, of which only 6 can be mature at the same time.



New Jersey (NJ)

New Jersey is currently working to legalize recreational cannabis. If this law is passed, however, growing cannabis will remain illegal in the state of New Jersey.



New Mexico (NM)

At this time, patients with a license can grow up to 4 mature plants, and up to 12 seedlings in their home. Efforts are being made to legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico, but there have been no mentions in regard to growing at home for recreational users or patients without a license.



New York (NY)

Growing cannabis at home in the state of New York is illegal at this time. The legalization of cannabis is being discussed by legislature and legislation is currently being drafted. It is uncertain whether growing cannabis at home will become legal along with the consumption of marijuana or not.



North Carolina (NC)

Growing and consuming cannabis is currently illegal in the state of North Carolina (even for most patients in need of medical cannabis). There is talk of medical cannabis being legalized, but nothing is concrete yet, and it’s not known how this would affect laws regarding home cultivation of cannabis.



North Dakota (ND)

Recently, North Dakotans voted against the legalization of recreational cannabis. The state is, however, accepting medical marijuana patient applications. Patients were allowed to grow cannabis for a short time before the law was altered in January 2017. Growing cannabis for medical or recreational purposes is illegal in North Dakota at this time.



Ohio (OH)

Growing cannabis for any purpose is illegal in the state of Ohio at this time. Medical marijuana has recently been legalized, with patients able to make purchases at state-licensed dispensaries.


Oklahoma (OK)

Growing, possessing, and consuming cannabis is illegal in Oklahoma right now. Decriminalization is currently being discussed by the legislature at this time, but there is no news regarding the legalization of cannabis.



Oregon (OR)

Residents of Oregon 21 and older can grow up to 4 mature plants per residence (not per resident). Medical marijuana patients with a license can grow up to 6 mature plants per residence. Cultivation sites must be registered.


Pennsylvania (PA)

At this time, it’s illegal to grow in Pennsylvania whether for medical or recreational use. Legalization of recreational cannabis is currently in debate, but it is unknown how this will affect laws surrounding home cultivation.



Rhode Island (RI)

Patients of medical marijuana and registered caregivers with a license can grow up to 12 mature plants in their home. Registered caregivers may have 12 mature plants per patient registered to them. There is talk or legalizing recreational cannabis, but growing at home will not be permitted for recreational users if/when the law is passed.


South Carolina (SC)

Growing and using cannabis is illegal in South Carolina. Efforts are being made to pass the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, although if the new law is passed, patients and caregivers will still be unable to grow their own marijuana.



South Dakota (SD)

It is currently illegal to grow cannabis in South Dakota and there are no signs of this changing. South Dakota has some of the harshest cannabis-related penalties.



Tennessee (TN)

There are currently talks of legalizing medical cannabis in the state of Tennessee. Growing for any purpose is illegal at this time, however.



Texas (TX)

Growing recreational or medical cannabis at home is currently illegal in the state of Texas. Medical cannabis has been made legal in this state, but few can participate. The governor of Texas is said to be open to reform during this year’s legislative session. (Learn More)



Utah (UT)

Medical cannabis was legalized in Utah in December 2018 for patients who qualify. Neither patients or recreational users can legally grow cannabis in their own homes at this time.



Vermont (VT)

Marijuana was legalized in Vermont on July 1, 2018. Adults 21 or older can grow up to 2 mature plants and 4 immature plants at one time. Caregivers may grow the same amount as long as they are designated as the patient’s caregiver. The patient and caregiver cannot possess more than 2 mature and 4 immature plants together at one time. (Learn More)



Virginia (VA)

Growing and using cannabis in the state of Virginia is illegal at this time. Decriminalization and legalization bills also failed earlier this year. Medical cannabis is only legal if prescribed by a doctor and has to be in the form of CBD or THC-A cannabis oil.



Washington (WA)

Patients 21 or older, with a license, can grow up to 6 plants in their residence (for medical use only). Recreational marijuana can be purchased from a licensed store. There is no indication as to whether growing at home for recreational use will be legalized any time soon.


West Virginia (WV)

While medical cannabis is legal in West Virginia, it is still illegal to grow your own for medical or recreational use. The medical cannabis program is still in the early stages of development, however, due to setbacks caused by issues surrounding the banking services which need to be provided for the program.



Wisconsin (WI)

Growing cannabis in the state of Wisconsin for any reason is illegal at this time. Decriminalization and the legalization of medical cannabis is currently being considered by the legislature.



Wyoming (WY)

Both the use and growing of recreational and medical cannabis are illegal in the state of Wyoming. This state is one of the last 18 to have no effective medical cannabis law in place.



Since Washington D.C. is not itself a state but is a very important part of the U.S.A., we thought that we would include its current status in regard to growing cannabis to our list. 


Washington D.C.

In the U.S.A. capital city, residents who are 21 or older can legally grow 6 cannabis plants at home (as long as only 3 of them are mature and flowering at a time).



There you have it! Our answer to “Where can I grow?”


We hope that our list was useful to you. Also, as we mentioned, laws are always changing, and there are numerous legislative sessions in progress right now! So, it’s important to keep an eye on the laws for your state and any updates being made.  

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