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How to make honey cannabis oil at home [Updated]

By Bjorn Dawson October 17, 2019

How to Make Cannabis Honey Oil at Home

Video Transcript:

{0:00}Today we are going to make a video about how to make your own cannabis oil. There are several different types of cannabis oil you can make. Today we are going to make one called Honey Oil. To make Honey Oil, I am going to go through a process called winterization – sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Basically, we will just freeze some stuff before we start. We are going to go over a couple of different steps from covering the cannabis with your isopropyl alcohol, shaking it, we are going to drain it into our pan, we are going to evaporate all the alcohol off our pan, then we are going to scrape it off and it will be ready to go and ready to use. 

So sit back and enjoy. There are a couple of steps to this video. I hope you enjoy it. 

{0:36}For our first step, we are going to do a process called winterization. That is simply putting both of these items into the freezer for at least 24 hours to freeze them, before we start the process that will give us Honey Oil. You can start the process right now. If you would like to avoid the freezer step, that will give you a product at the end called Cherry oil.

{0:56}What are these two products I am talking about? 

One is obviously cannabis – we talk about that in a second. The other one is an isopropyl alcohol. The strength or the concentration of this one is 99%, so it’s 99% alcohol, 1% water. So we are going to freeze that. We will be adding that to the cannabis. You can use your entire plant. You can use your premium flowers or you can use just your sweet leaf and your popcorn bud which is what I choose to do. Let’s take a look closer to what that looks like. 

{01:25}So here I’m using a variety of strains. These have all been grown in a Grobo, here in the lab. I say this is about an ounce or maybe an ounce and a half of sweet leaf and popcorn bud. Let me grab some of the leaf, the fan leaf, or sweet leaf first. They get some terpenes on it, still good medicine. Let me find one of the buds that I didn’t like. I thought best to make oil out of this. Here’s one. So this one wasn’t a great bud so it’s oil.....Let’s move on to the next step. 

{01:55}So here’s step two. We’ve frozen the cannabis and the isopropyl overnight. It is important for the winterization process, that we do so. It reduces the chlorophyll and the waxes that come out of the cannabis as we do this process. Now we are going to combine them. Shake them for about 30 seconds. Then, we are going to pour them out. So let’s do that. 

{02:14} First I’m going to open the jar, then the isopropyl. Let’s start the timer for about 30 seconds here. Actually, I’m going to pour in first. 

So we’re pouring all over the cannabis. I’m going to pour this entire 500mL into the mixing jar. I used the bottom of the jar to sort of push the cannabis down. Just so it gets under that water line. Now I’ll start the timer. I’m going to put 30 seconds on this batch. 


{03:06}So we’re done with the timer. We are done with that. Now we are going to strain it into our Pyrex dish here. What we will be using here is just a little mesh bag. You can also use a coffee filter. Those work just as well. You’ll notice that the liquid is nice and clear. It’s got a little bit of green tinge to it. Once it dries up, and all the alcohol is evaporated off, it will have a little bit of darker color. 

{03:52}So let’s review our progress so far. We are making cannabis oil. We’ve decided to make a Honey Oil which involves the winterization process. Winterization is freezing both your cannabis and your isopropyl alcohol for 12-24 hours. We’ve done that, then we added the frozen isopropyl to our cannabis mix. We’ve shaken it for about 30 seconds. Then we’ve strained it through our strainer into our Pyrex dish. Now, we are going to evaporate that. Let’s move on to step 3. 


{04:23}Okay, here we are ready for the next step. All of the isopropyl alcohol has evaporated. Now we are ready to scrape the bottom with a razor blade. We’re going to scrape all of the cannabis oil up and put it into the container. We are going to heat it up a little bit and we’re all set. Let’s see how that works.

What I like to do is take a nice little strip of our cannabis oil that has been nicely dried on the bottom here. One of the things you could do is heat it up slightly. That makes it a little easier to push down. I’ve got my space heater here that’s warming up this little shot glass, this is where I am going to place the cannabis. And I am just going to push it off the corner of the razor blade. So that it is sitting on the inside rim of the shot glass. This is quite a sticky procedure. So the bubbles have stopped on the heater and the cannabis is now still. We’ve put it in our portable container. Now it’s ready to be consumed.

 {05:20}How do you consume cannabis oil is a great question.There’s a couple of ways you can do it. You can straight dab this on hot nail. You can vaporize this in your favourite vaporizer. You can even roll it or smear it on a joint paper, a rolling paper and just roll a joint with it. So, all the hard work is done. You’ve got your own cannabis oil now. The real challenge is – how are you are going to use it? 

Thanks for watching our video about how to make cannabis Honey Oil. If you like the video and learned something, give us a like. If you have a comment on how we can improve our process, please comment below. And always subscribe to our channel. You get a chance to see what’s coming up and we always love to hear from you.

Stephen Campbell  

 Stephen has been a medical cannabis patient for the last 15 years in Canada. His passion for growing has led him to become the horticulturalist and customer success lead at Grobo. 

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