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Find the Best Grow Box for Beginners

Bjorn Dawson September 20, 2020

So, you're thinking of growing plants indoors, but you've never done it before? Perhaps you've never even grown anything outdoors either, and you're the kind of person who only had one pot plant in their lives... and it died. And you've never really figured out why.

If that pretty much describes you, don't worry. We've got newbie growers covered with what we think is the best grow box for beginners. Grobo supplies everything that you will need– in a box. The system is all so easy, but we'll unpack it for you anyway.  

First Up, Advantages of the Grobo Grow Box

The Grow Box is a self-contained pre-made unit ideal for indoor use. It comes pre-loaded with all the nutrients your plants will need. The hydroponic system makes plants care convenient. Your plants will also grow faster than they would in soil.  

The grow box, which comes with a lock to prevent unwanted opening, looks a bit like a kitchen cabinet. Actually, it looks quite at home in the kitchen – or any other room in the house.  

You can catch a look here at the two different grow box models available, the Grobo Solid and the Grobo Premium. The Premium version differs in only one respect from the Solid one. The Premium has a fluid glass door so that you can look at your plant without opening the door.  

The really cool thing about these grow boxes is that everything is controlled via an app. And, even if you are away from home, your app can tell you just how your favorite plant is doing. Your app tracks everything and sends you reminders and notifications.  

Make Growing Easy

Grobo has a whole team on board whose mission is to make growing easy for you. The grow box is an intuitive system specifically developed to boost growth and make sure your plants flourish.

To show you just how easy it is, we're going to walk you through the individual elements that make up the Grow Box.  


What comes first? The flower, the fruit, or the seed? That's the plant equivalent of the chicken and egg question. For our purposes, we're going to begin with the seed.  

Your Grobo grow box does not come with seeds, and Grobo does not supply seeds. We do, however, give you a comprehensive seed selection guide if you're interested in growing cannabis.  

We should point out that you can plant almost anything in your grow box. Your choices are not limited to strains of cannabis. For instance, you could grow culinary herbs, such as coriander.  

Grobo has nutrient recipes for over 300 plants, including four varieties of lettuce.  

Strawberries and peppers have also been grown satisfactorily. Our Allgrowers Community is full of tips and great information about the usefulness and versatility of the Grow Box. It's worth browsing through images and videos posted by members to get a good idea of what you can look forward to.  

Once you've set up your Grow Box, all you have to do is place your seed in the special coco pod provided and close the door.  

Back to the Best Grow Box for Beginners

Light, as you will have learned in school, is essential for the process of photosynthesis in plants, and hence growth. Many indoor plant-growing experiments don't work because attempts to reproduce natural lighting indoors have failed.  

Indoor plants need specific lighting that is bright enough. That's why the full-spectrum LED lighting fitted in the Grow Box, with its eight different color settings, is a huge plus. Each of the six different colors shines at varying intensities depending on the stage in the plant's growth cycle.  

The greater the intensity, the higher the number of lumens, the unit of measurement for light. The higher the lumens, the greater the growth inside the Grow Box. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is ideal for indoor cultivation since it produces much less heat than traditional lighting such as metal hallides.  

Through the app, the team at Grobo has customized the lighting settings that are best for each specific strain of cannabis to optimize the yield and quality of the plant. Altering the lighting settings can influence the characteristics of your plant. If you want spicier tomatoes, sweeter basil, or specific levels of THC and CBD in cannabis, then lighting adjustment is the way to go.  

Irrigation – DWC Style

Deep Water Culture is at the heart of your Grow Box, and changing the water in the tank where the roots of your plant grow, is the main thing to get right to ensure the excellent growth of your plant. We have a special video to show you just how easy that is. Depending on the quality of your water supplier, you might want to stick to using distilled water.

Remember that the Grobo app will give you an easy-to-follow step-by-step on how to change the water, as does this short video.  


When you receive your Grobo Grow Box, our app walks you through each step of the set-up process.  

Inserting the carbon filter that comes with every Grow Box is easy. Thanks to thumbscrews used to secure the carbon filter holder in place, no additional tools are necessary. The function of the carbon filter is to minimize the dank smells that can occur when growing a plant inside a confined space like the grow box.  

The filter improves air quality and provides an optimum environment for plant growth. It also assists with air circulation, which is important in any hydroponic system.  

Smart Box

After connecting the Grobo to your power source, you need to get the Grobo Grow Box to listen to Wi-Fi and to check that it's set up properly and online. You have a choice of operating systems:

This process only takes a minute.

Reservoir Smarts

Once online, it's time to remove the reservoir cover and install the pH and EC (electrical conductivity) sensors into the slots provided for that holds them in place in the tank.   

The pH sensor measures the acidity of reservoir water. The Grobo system automatically checks that the water in the reservoir stays within the recommended pH value range for the plant that you're growing. It also makes the necessary adjustments without you having to do anything!  

EC sensors check the level of salts in the water. Remember that the water in the reservoir is the medium through which nutrients are delivered to the plant's roots. So, your EC reading measures the number of available nutrients.  

We mentioned distilled water earlier because it has no electrical conductivity since it doesn't contain any minerals. As soon as nutrients (minerals) are added to the water, electricity is conducted via the dissolved salts. The higher the concentration of salts, the higher the EC.  

The ideal EC readings will vary from plant to plant and from one stage in the growth cycle to another. As a rough guide, the EC reading during the vegetative stage should usually be much lower than during flowering.  

Optimal EC levels vary between plants. For example, tomatoes are capable of handling an EC of up to 2.8, and spinach can flourish with an EC of 3.5, whereas the recommended EC for basil is 1.4 or less. The EC sensor sends info to the hyper-efficient Grobo Grow Box app to keep EC levels on track and will tell you what to do if you need to intervene (via the five nutrient bottles labeled 1 through 5).  


The nutrient bottles are easy to install, as this set-up video shows, after which you fill the tank with water.  

The Grobo system supplies all the nutrients your plant needs for optimal growing conditions. Automatic dosing makes it the most dependable system currently available. And that makes Grow Box ideal for beginner growers.  

It also saves you a lot of time you would otherwise have to spend monitoring and testing pH levels and EC readings and the temperature, etc. Your plant won't ever starve or be overfed. Our reliable recipes take care of that and make the upkeep of your plant a pleasure.  

Grow Time!

Our grow recipe lists tell you exactly how much time it will take from plant to harvest for each plant or strain, and has all other variables pre-set. One click and you're growing.

The bottom line is that for beginners, the Grobo automated Grow Box really does make growing almost as easy as watching the loads of educational videos on our YouTube channel

Why don't you get in touch, either via e-mail, phone, or by scheduling a call from our Contact Us page? Our friendly support gurus will be happy to help you.  

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