The Marijuana Grow Box of Today

What’s that smell? Why is our energy bill so high? And what’s in that cabinet? There's been a long history of under cover marijuana growing operations implemented in a number of innovative ways. Everything from a bed room closet being converted into a marijuana grow box , cannabis sprouting from kitchen grow cabinets and attics being turned into into full blown grow ops. All around the world grow cabinets, grow closets, and other indoor growing systems have sprouted up in order to produce marijuana at home. However the world of home growing is about to change in a massive way. 

Stealth Grow Box

Progressive thinking has lead to a strong forward movement in Marijuana legalization. All around the world cannabis is being decriminalized, legalized for medical use and in some places including Canada, Uruguay, and parts of the U.S. legalized for recreational use. It appears as if we are on a road towards a world where a stealth grow box is no longer necessary.

Lemon Thai Kush

With the increased legalization of cannabis we expect to see more and more people growing with marijuana grow boxes in the comfort of their own home. But growing cannabis at home isn’t easy, there are many factors to consider when growing your plant and many ways to fail. 

Makeshift stealth grow boxes and indoor growing systems fail to produce high quality cannabis. Knowing how to get the proper light, water, and heat conditions to grow is crucial for producing a quality plant. Trying to develop a makeshift marijuana grow box is not only inefficient and inconvenient but it can be unsafe. Also, you don’t want your grow box blowing up your electricity bill and filling the entire house with an unwanted odour. 

Clearly there are many factors to consider when growing cannabis in your house and you might be left with many difficult questions. What do I have to do to make sure that there aren’t unwanted odours throughout my house? How can I keep my energy costs down while still providing enough light for the plant to grow successfully? Luckily we have the answers.

Grobo has developed a marijuana grow box that grows beautiful healthy plants with high yields while managing many pesky cannabis related grow problems.

Grobo Automated Grow Box at Home

Light and Energy: The Grobo team has developed a system that is extremely energy efficient. Using an eight spectrum LED lighting system you can expect your monthly grow related electricity costs to be approximately $5 a month. This lighting system is not only extremely efficient, it can do some amazing things for your plants. 

The 8 unique light spectrums shine at varying intensities throughout each phase of the plants growth cycles. This means that your plant can get exactly the type and amount of light it needs to produce as large of a yield as possible. That means more cannabis, tomatoes, hot peppers or whatever you're growing in your Grobo for you. But creating a maximum yield isn't all these lights do. You can also use this light to change the plants characteristics. Altering the type of light that the plant receives throughout the grow can be used to increase a specific attribute of the plant. This means that you can make your tomatoes spicier or your basil sweeter, you can even increase the levels of THC or CBD in your cannabis.  

Grobo has also produced a patent pending fluid glass system which means you can look inside your grow closet with the touch of a button. Now that you don’t have to open up your grow closet you’re able to see your plant while keeping bugs out and smell in while still maintaining a perfect growing ecosystem for your plant. 

Appearance and Odour: With the Grobo One you won’t have wires and fans taking up a lot of space and ruining the aesthetic appeal of your room. It has a sleek and beautiful design that grows equally beautiful plants. The Grobo Grow Cabinet also uses carbon filters to make sure that you don’t have any unwanted smell anywhere in your house ensuring it looks and smells just the way you want it to.

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