The Grobo App.

Growing plants, made simple.

grow box mobile app
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Plant in the palm of your hand.

Connect the App to get real-time metrics, growing climate conditions, and operate features like the fluid glass and security lock.

grow box recipe

Pick carefully crafted recipes.

Plant your seed and pick your recipe. The recipe library is loaded with proven recipes, and we’re adding more all the time.

grow box healthy plant

Watch your plant thrive.

Follow along and watch metrics like how much your plant grew today, real-time temperature and humidity, nutrient bank levels, and how many days remain until harvest.

grow box plant icon

See it grow.

Go ahead, take a peek inside without letting in harmful light, or disturbing that carefully balanced climate.

grow box desktop app

Grobo One Is Available For Pre-Order.

There are only a few Grobos left for summer delivery, reserve yours now!

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